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Hovi Creative helps companies fix our broken planet with creative sustainability solutions.

We work with people who can turn sustainability issues into opportunities. Our unique combination of creative content skills and sustainability expertise helps you to harness the values of meaningfully communicated sustainability actions.


Sustainability services

Creative sustainability solutions

Hovi Creative facilitates sustainable design strategy and guides its implementation. We train and support organisations in all sustainability-related issues. We help to discover best-suited sustainability actions, that head towards a positive impact. 

Authentic sustainability content is impactful and connects people. With a boost from Hovi Creative, your sustainability content finds its meaning and impact, always with ease.


Sustainable Design Management

Everything starts with setting a clear vision. Build your sustainability goals and activities on a solid strategy. Set sustainability targets and build action plans to reach them.

  • Sustainable design strategy

  • Sustainable fashion design

  • Sustainable product solutions


Sustainability content

Compelling stories bring sustainability vision to life in comprehensive sustainability content and reports. Illustrate your content with captivating visuals.

  • Social media & blog content

  • Sustainability communication

  • Sustainability marketing


Sustainability training

Unlock sustainability's full potential in collaborative workshops. Our training empowers and educates organisations with sustainability knowledge, skills and toolkits.

  • Lectures & courses

  • Training & talks

  • Workshops & events


Hire Hovi Creative

  • Grow your business the right way - sustainably

  • Complex sustainability challenges demand easily approachable solutions - we have them

  • Co-created design strategy workshops unleash the full potential of sustainability

  • Our simple and effective workshops provide plenty of concrete ideas and take-aways.

  • Our sustainability training inspires a spark of change for better

  • Storytelling for a better future: insightful concept design, meaningful content and convincing visuals

Thank you Karoliina, it was the best study day so far. It’s really refreshing to see sustainability being presented in a positive manner that gives hope, yet not forgetting about the facts.
— A., student of Design Marketing, Helsinki Design School