Minna Parikka

Sustainable Design Strategy Workshop

The Minna Parikka footwear brand was founded in 2005. The shoes are known for their impeccable quality as well as their unique design. Each pair is hand-crafted in Spain using high-quality materials. Hovi Creative was tasked to facilitate Minna Parikka’s sustainability strategy and concept. 

The workshop aimed to create a sustainable design strategy for Minna Parikka and set concrete actions on how to implement it. As a consultant and facilitator, Karoliina guided the participants through the workshop.


workshop PROCESS

During the workshop, all participants gained an understanding of the key sustainability challenges and opportunities related to Minna Parikka and footwear industry.  Together, we identified and ideated solutions on how to address these challenges and created a sustainable design strategy for Minna Parikka brand.



Hovi Creative succeeded in its goal to facilitate the creation of a sustainability strategy. Minna Parikka brand’s brilliant staff identified key sustainable development areas. The workshop also resulted in a concrete future plan and a to-do list of chosen activities to address the sustainability challenges which help to reach the chosen strategy.

The sustainable design strategy workshop was a great kick-off for our sustainability conversation. It provided us ideas and sustainable development goals for both short and long term, as well as concrete to do list for our sustainability actions.
— Minna Parikka, CEO and founder of Minna Parikka Shoes