Wildkind Kids


Kidswear brand Wildkind Kids was founded by stylist-photographer sibling-duo Emilia and Johanna Laitanen in 2017. Even Though Wildkind Kids’ had already strong sustainability efforts and goals, they were not clearly communicated on their website. 

Hovi Creative was tasked to create Wildkind Kids’ sustainability strategy and concept. Our goal was to create a sustainability marketing concept which is comprehensive and compelling without compromising the facts and sustainability actions. We facilitated the Wildkind Kids’ sustainability strategy process, created marketing goals and actions and implemented them in content that impacts.



Hovi Creative and Wildkind Kids wanted to avoid common sustainability communication with just pretty words. That is why we focused strongly on ways to measure sustainability. Each action, certification or standard displays a percentage of its fulfilment. 

Together, we also wanted to tie the future sustainability development to concrete goals, that is why the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are stated. Wildkind Kids chose to commit to following SDGs: #1: No poverty, #12: Responsible consumption and production and goal 15: Life on land. 



To ease storytelling and make the concept comprehensive, we chose to divide the sustainability efforts into four themes: planet, people, animals and care. Being a quirky kidswear brand, Wildkind Kids’ tone is playful and clear. The text is very informative while keeping complex sustainability concepts simple. Together with Wildkind Kids’ charming lookbook & brand images, the text creates an impactful and compelling concept.



Hovi Creative was successful in its goal to create a sustainability strategy and a comprehensive and compelling marketing concept. The sustainability concept differs positively form the brands' competitors by presenting clear goals, actions and figures. The content also prepares for the future textile recycling law 2025. The launch of the new website created a lot of traffic and publicity with increase clicks of XXX%. See the full concept here.

— Emilia Laitanen, CEO AND FOUNDER OF Wildkind Kids

Photo credits: Wildkind Kids 2019